Commercial Heating

To help you heat your business, Pace Fuelcare offers the full package: high quality products, competitive pricing and fast deliveries.


Gas oil is used by many businesses as a commercial heating oil. Pace Fuelcare can offer you standard gas oil and GreenFlame.

GreenFlame contains renewable content and is fully compliant with national heating oil standards. With regular use, it also reduces your CO2 levels.

If you use kerosene in your boiler then again you have a choice. The standard product is suitable for most boilers, however if you need to keep your sulphur levels as low as possible, try premium kerosene.

Putting you in control

Pace Fuelcare also offers all of our customers online ordering and account management. Once you’ve registered, you’ll be able to place orders, make payments and get copy invoices at your convenience.

For a quick no obligation quote, request one online or call your local depot.